Tennis Clubs

Tennis in County Mayo: A Serve of Scenic Sportsmanship

In the picturesque landscapes of County Mayo, tennis resonates beyond just a sport—it's a passion and a lifestyle. Whether the allure of Wimbledon draws you in annually or the rhythmic sound of a ball hitting the court defines your weekends, Mayo's tennis offerings are set to impress.

Four premier tennis clubs are strategically positioned across Mayo: in the historic Westport, the vibrant Claremorris, the bustling Castlebar, and the charming Ballina. These clubs are more than just venues; they're hubs of community and competition.

Castlebar, in particular, takes pride in being the heartbeat of Connaught Tennis. With its regional training club boasting a championship-grade tarmac court, the experience of playing here is second to none. Night owls and evening enthusiasts will appreciate the state-of-the-art floodlit facility, ensuring that the game continues, come dusk or dawn.

The spirit of competition thrives here. Regular tournaments punctuate the calendar, welcoming both local talents and visitors eager to test their skills. If you're looking to make tennis the highlight of your vacation, delve into our specially crafted tennis holiday packages, which blend sport with relaxation.

Staying at Knock House Hotel? You're in luck! Each of these tennis havens is just a short, scenic drive away. So, grab your racket, lace up your tennis shoes, and get ready to serve up some unforgettable memories in County Mayo.