Lough Corrib Boat Trips, Cong

Embark on a heartwarming journey along a trail sprinkled with playful giant sculptures – imagine a chair so large you'd need a ladder, a wellington boot you could camp in, a guitar that might just belong to a giant musician, and keys that could unlock a castle! This enchanting path promises a sprinkle of magic for every child and a touch of whimsy for the young at heart.

As you meander past the serene Clare Lake, you'll find yourself on a greenway loop, welcoming to all – whether you're a sprightly toddler, a fitness enthusiast, or someone simply looking to soak in nature's beauty.

Nestled near Claremorris in the picturesque County Mayo, this 6.3-km loop trail is a gentle embrace of nature. Most find it a breezy walk, clocking in at just about 1 h 36 min. Whether you're in the mood for a brisk run, a leisurely walk, or a hiking adventure, this trail offers a peaceful experience. And guess what? It's a hidden gem, so you'll likely have much of it to yourself. If you have a furry friend, they're welcome too – just remember to keep them leashed.

Venture into the heart of the West of Ireland, and you'll discover Claremorris, a charming town in Co. Mayo. It's home to the delightful 'Land of the Giants', also fondly known as McMahon Park. This family-friendly haven boasts a fantastic playground and the star attraction – a looped walk around Clare Lake. Here, you'll encounter delightful giant artifacts like a door that might lead to another world, oversized glasses, and those aforementioned giant boots. Perfect for kids and adults alike, the trail is also bike and buggy friendly. Fancy a longer 5km loop or perhaps something shorter? The choice is yours! And a little birdie told us – if you're planning to feed the ducks, consider bringing some seeds, as the dispenser might just be running low. Enjoy your adventure!