Dr Hyde Park Roscommon

Dr Hyde Park: The Sporting Epicentre of Roscommon

Nestled in the heart of Roscommon, Ireland, Dr Hyde Park stands as a testament to the county's rich sporting heritage in Gaelic Athletic Association activities.

A Legacy of Gaelic Sports:
Constructed in 1969 and inaugurated in 1971, Dr Hyde Park has since then witnessed countless epic sporting battles. Primarily, it serves as the home ground for the Roscommon county football team. On the other hand, the hurling heartbeat of Roscommon traditionally pulsates in Athleague, which proudly hosts the county's hurling matches.

Convenience for Travellers:
For those attending matches at Dr Hyde Park and looking for a place to rest or refresh, the Knock House Hotel is just a short drive away. Notably, there seems to be a mix-up as Knock House Hotel is closely associated with McHale Park in County Mayo. However, if you're venturing to Roscommon and Castlebar, ensure you map out your journey accordingly. For those staying at Knock House Hotel during their Gaelic sports adventures in McHale Park, the establishment boasts menus that can be tailored to fit specific dietary needs, catering to both athletes and fans alike.
In the vibrant landscapes of Roscommon, Dr Hyde Park stands as a symbol of regional pride, a venue where dreams are made and sporting histories are written.