Ballyhaunis Golf Club

Ballyhaunis Golf Club: A Testament to Timeless Golfing Tradition

Emblem of Pride:
The Ballyhaunis Club Crest stands as a symbol of its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to the sport of golf.

History in Every Swing:
Since its foundation in 1928, Ballyhaunis Golf Club has offered golf enthusiasts a unique blend of challenge and charm. Set amidst the lush green landscapes of Ireland, this 9-hole course, though modest in numbers, is grand in experience. By employing distinct tee boxes for the front and back nine, it ensures players get a diverse 18-hole experience, making every round a new adventure.

Challenges and Charms:
The mature parkland setting, with its age-old trees, well-thought-out bunkers, and quaint spinneys, beckons players to strategize and adapt. The elevated greens test precision and foresight, while the feature hole - the 359 metres Par 4 index 5, 9th - promises to be a test for even seasoned golfers. And with the back nine posing slightly more of a challenge than the front, players are always kept on their toes.

More Than Just a Course:
Ballyhaunis is not just about the game; it's about the entire experience. Nestled just seven miles from the revered Village of Knock, the location is as serene as it is accessible. The well-appointed clubhouse stands as a testament to the club’s dedication to providing members and guests a comfortable haven after a round on the course.

Warmth Beyond the Fairways:
In Ballyhaunis Golf Club, the beauty of the course is rivalled only by the warmth of its community. As is characteristic of the West of Ireland, visitors are greeted with genuine smiles and hearty welcomes, making every golfer feel like a cherished member of the Ballyhaunis family.

So, whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking a fresh challenge or a novice eager to immerse in the game, Ballyhaunis Golf Club promises a golfing experience that’s both timeless and memorable.