Spirit & Soul

Spirit & Soul: A Unique Spiritual Retreat at Knock House Hotel

Embark on a transformative journey of the Spirit and Soul at Knock House Hotel, where the renowned James Kilbane lends his inspirational presence to create an exceptional holiday experience. Nestled amidst the serene Irish countryside, this retreat offers a unique blend of heritage, leisure, spirituality and culture.

James Kilbane, with his soulful voice and uplifting message is our Holiday Host. He guides guests through moments of reflection and harmony, music & rejuvenation. Our Spirit and Soul Holidays at Knock House Hotel are designed to nourish the inner self through a combination of soul-stirring music, spiritual teachings, and peaceful surroundings.

Whether participating in intimate musical sessions led by James Kilbane, engaging in guided meditation with the Gallalee Sisters from over the road, or simply enjoying the tranquil ambiance, guests find a haven for their spiritual well-being. The hotel's warm hospitality, coupled with Kilbane's inspirational touch, transforms this retreat into a sanctuary where individuals can connect with their inner selves, finding solace and renewal in the heart of Ireland's breathtaking landscape. It's a holiday experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving a lasting imprint on the spirit and soul.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind Spiritual holiday at Knock House Hotel, unparalleled in its offerings throughout the country. This 4-night retreat promises not just relaxation but also spiritual enrichment.


  • Daily Delights: Start your mornings with a delectable Full Irish Breakfast and end your evenings with a sumptuous 4-course dinner.
  • Heritage & Spirituality: Engage in two enlightening heritage and spiritual tours in the surrounding region, deepening your connection to the area's rich history.
  • Daily Activities: Participate in organized activities, ensuring each day is filled with new experiences.
  • Evening Fellowship: Revel in the evening's camaraderie, complemented by music under the guidance of your holiday leader, James Kilbane.
  • Convenient Transfers: Benefit from subsidized transfers to and from the local train station.
  • Christian Mindfulness: Dive deep into introspection and spiritual connection.

Your host for this retreat, James Kilbane, hails from Achill Island, Co. Mayo, and is celebrated for his gospel, country, and folk music. Since his rise to fame in 2004 with the 'You’re a Star' programme, James has graced the music industry with 13 albums and over 30 singles, achieving multi-platinum sales.

Beyond his musical prowess, James is recognized for his gospel renditions and is now a revered television presenter and holiday leader. With a BA Honours Degree in Heritage and Cultural Studies from the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, James brings a wealth of knowledge in heritage, archaeology, culture, and more. His two decades in music and public life have cemented his reputation in Ireland and beyond.

A cornerstone of James' work is his collaboration with various Christian traditions. As your host for the Spirit & Soul retreat at Knock House Hotel, James eagerly anticipates guiding you through organized trips, presentations, fellowship, and musical evenings.

Join us for this unparalleled spiritual journey, where soulful music meets profound heritage.

4 Night Holiday dates are as follows:

  • 3-7 March 2024
  • 23-27 June 2024
  • 27-31 October 2024
  • 3-7 November 2024

Rates from €399 per person sharing. 
At present, we are not charging a Single Supplement for our Spirit & Soul Holidays.

*Limited number of Single Rooms available - on first come first serve basis. Deposits requried to confirm all bookings.