Claremorris Town Hall Theatre

Experience Culture at Claremorris Town Hall Theatre in East Mayo

In the heart of East Mayo, the Claremorris Town Hall Theatre stands as a testament to Ireland's rich cultural tapestry. As you wander through this quaint town, make it a point to immerse in an evening of unparalleled artistry at this iconic venue.

Boasting a spacious auditorium with a capacity for 900 guests, Claremorris Town Hall Theatre has solidified its reputation as a beacon for arts enthusiasts not just from the region, but from all corners of Ireland. From electrifying concerts to riveting comedy shows, the theatre offers a diverse lineup. This winter, be enchanted by musical maestros like Tommy Fleming & Friends or relish the award-winning performances of the Cash Returns show.

For those with a penchant for humor, brace yourselves for rib-tickling productions like "Wake in the West" and the holiday-themed parody "Waiting for Faro." And, for true comedy aficionados, "A Celebration of Father Ted" led by the talented Joe Rooney promises unforgettable moments—think 'Lovely Girls' and 'Dancing Priests' competitions. Tread lightly and careful now!

To stay updated on forthcoming events and for ticket reservations, visit the official Claremorris Town Hall Theatre website here.