Strokestown Park House, National Famine Museum

National Famine Museum and Strokestown Park

A Journey Through Ireland's Dark Times

National Famine Museum:
In the picturesque surroundings of the Strokestown estate, the National Famine Museum stands as a beacon of remembrance, encapsulating Ireland's most harrowing era. This immersive museum narrates tales of landlords, tenants, and cottiers, painting a poignant picture of Ireland's 19th-century socio-economic landscape. A blend of interactive displays and poignant exhibitions ensures that the gravity of the famine resonates deeply with visitors. The restoration and reinvigoration of this significant museum was made possible through generous funding by Fáilte Ireland and Westward Holdings Ltd, with the vigilant stewardship of the Irish Heritage Trust.

Strokestown’s Georgian Palladian House:
Delve deep into Ireland's opulent past with a tour of the exquisite Strokestown Park House. This Georgian Palladian mansion is a treasure trove, offering glimpses into the contrasting lives of the elite and the ordinary. The house stands as a testament to the legacy left behind by the Anglo-Irish gentry. Visitors can experience the warmth of the galleried kitchen, the echoes of innocent laughter in the nursery, and the discipline of the school room. However, the beauty doesn’t end indoors - the sprawling gardens and woodlands beckon, offering tranquility amidst nature's splendor.

History Interwoven:
Strokestown Park House encapsulates the essence of the declining Ascendancy. In stark contrast to this grandeur, The National Famine Museum showcases a somber chapter of Ireland's past. One of the most intriguing stories revolves around the original documents discovered during the 1980s restoration - spotlighting Major Denis Mahon's assassination during The Great Irish Famine. While the house tour provides an intimate perspective of The Big House's dynamics, the National Famine Museum elucidates the stark disparities prevalent during a tragic epoch in Irish history.

Completing the historic tapestry is the meticulously preserved Walled Pleasure Gardens, transporting visitors to the idyllic times of a Georgian estate. The comprehensive experience has flourished under the Irish Heritage Trust since 2015, ensuring that history, both delightful and somber, is preserved for generations to come.