Kiltimagh Railway Museum

Discovering Kiltimagh Museum: A Journey Through Time

Nestled in the heart of Kiltimagh, our museum tells a tale of resilience, transformation, and community spirit. Once, Kiltimagh faced challenging times, with many of its vibrant youth leaving in search of brighter horizons. The 1980s saw the town at a crossroads, with empty homes and a once-bustling Railway Station now silent and forgotten. But like a phoenix, the town rose, transforming the station into a beacon of hope and history. By June 1989, the Museum stood as a testament to Kiltimagh's renewed spirit, mirroring the town's journey from a quiet past to a lively present.

Established in 1894, Kiltimagh Station was once the town's window to the world. From the renowned Castle Hackett engine to the essential deliveries of cattle, newspapers, and even cinematic delights, the station was the town's heartbeat. But it wasn't without its tragedies; the rail disaster of December 1916 remains a somber memory. The mid-20th century saw the station as a place of farewells, with many seeking opportunities abroad. Yet, its reputation shone when it was awarded Ireland's best-kept station, attracting our first factory in 1954. However, as times changed, so did the station's fortunes. By the 1980s, the Historical Society breathed new life into the old Goods Store, turning it into the museum we cherish today. With railway carriages symbolizing emigration and a rich collection of artifacts, the museum is a treasure trove of Kiltimagh's history.

Our journey into Kiltimagh's history unveiled stories of remarkable individuals who, against all odds, made their mark. Their unwavering spirit inspired not just us but the entire community, reminding us of the power of self-belief. Today, the Museum, once a mere Goods Station, beautifully bridges our rich history with our promising present. The rejuvenated Station Master's House now stands as an Art Centre, adorned with sculptures from local talents and renowned Irish artists.

Within the museum's walls, Kiltimagh honors its illustrious sons and daughters:

Raftery, the 19th-century poetic genius from Killedan.
Mike Hogarty, the visionary behind the first Apollo landing.
Father Denis O'Hara, the changemaker who reshaped Kiltimagh's socio-economic landscape.
Gene Tunney, the boxing legend and former World Heavyweight champion.
Sean Lavan, the multi-talented footballer and Olympic athlete.
Join us in celebrating Kiltimagh's vibrant tapestry of history, resilience, and community spirit.