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Knock Shrine has been a site of pilgrimage for over one hundred years and attracts crowds from the Four Corners of Ireland and around the world, and offers a truly unique experience to all who visit. Whether you prefer to make an annual pilgrimage and spend a few days or a short overnight visit to Knock Shrine.

Knock House Hotel is conveniently located on the grounds of Knock Shrine, just a short leisurely walk from the Basilica, so you can spend your time in the Shrine and stroll back to the Hotel for Lunch or light snack anytime throughout the day. The Pilgrimage season starts on the last Sunday in April and runs through until the second Sunday in October, but Knock is also a wonderful place to visit off season! with a full Winter programme available.

Pilgrimage season is from the 19th of April until the 11th of October and a list of the Pilgrimages is available.
Booking Accommodation:
Whether you're an individual pilgrim seeking a transformative journey or a group organiser planning a meaningful experience for your participants, all are warmly invited to join any of the pilgrimages listed below. You don't need to be part of a group to reserve your spot, as both individuals and organisers can secure accommodations. To book your pilgrimage and embark on a spiritual adventure, please contact us at 094 93 88088. We look forward to accommodating you for a memorable and enriching pilgrimage experience.
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