Moore Hall

As you wander, the remnants of the Moore Hall House stand as a testament to its rich history. This iconic house was the brainchild of George Moore, who laid its foundation in 1792 and saw its completion by 1796. George's story is as fascinating as the house itself. He ventured to Alicante, Spain, and made a name for himself as a wine merchant and builder. His success even led him to own a fleet of ships. Sadly, George passed away in 1799 and rests near Straide Co Mayo. The house, carrying memories of the Moore family, faced a tragic event in 1922 when it was consumed by fire.

The Moore family's legacy began with the establishment of Moore Hall in 1792. From its completion in 1795, the house became a centerpiece of Ireland's social, historical, cultural, and political tapestry. It remained a bustling hub, occupied by the Moore lineage until 1910.

As you continue your journey, the Moore Hall Loop walk will guide you along the serene shores of Lough Carra, close to Ballinrobe. Both Lough Carra and the Moore Hall House stand as captivating landmarks on this loop, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in their stories and beauty.