Kiltimagh Velorail

Discover the challenge of the Velorail Experience

Embark on the Velorail journey, a heartwarming and inclusive outdoor adventure that gracefully takes you through the picturesque rural landscapes of Kiltimagh, tracing the path of the old Rail Track. Each group is entitled to have their very own Railbike, setting off from the beautifully restored Kiltimagh Station, with the choice to venture North or South, immersing in the authentic rural ambiance.

Crafted with everyone in mind, Railbikes are tailored to welcome every family member or group participant. The only prerequisite? A pair of reasonably fit adults ready to pedal and steer the journey.

With the supportive and amiable Velorail team by your side, you'll hop onto your Railbike at the iconic Kiltimagh Station. Harnessing the simple joy of pedal power, chart your course along the North or South route. Rest assured, our dedicated Velorail staff will accompany your expedition from Kiltimagh Station, always available to ensure your experience is seamless.

The essence of Velorail is to relish the outdoors at a relaxed pace. It's a journey, not a race. Perfectly suited for individuals of all ages, families, friends, and even work colleagues, Velorail stands out as an excellent choice for corporate team-building getaways, sports team bonding, or any group seeking a memorable shared experience.

While Velorail promises fun and bonding, it also offers a moderate physical workout. Every group should include at least two adults: a "lead rider" aged 18 or above, and another participant over 16, both possessing a fair level of fitness to ensure a smooth ride throughout. To top it all, we proudly offer three distinct Railbike models, including a special design that can safely accommodate a standard wheelchair. This underlines Velorail's commitment to being an experience everyone can enjoy.