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Pilgrim Groups: A Spiritual Retreat at Knock House Hotel

Nestled in the heart of the revered pilgrimage site, Knock House Hotel stands as the premier choice for pilgrim groups embarking on a spiritual journey to Knock Shrine. For over a century, this sacred shrine has beckoned pilgrims from Ireland and beyond, offering a transformative experience to all its visitors.


Our hotel, with its prime location on the Knock Shrine grounds, ensures your group is never far from the spiritual epicenter. Whether planning an extended pilgrimage retreat or a brief spiritual sojourn, a short, tranquil walk leads from the Basilica to our welcoming doors. Here, you can share reflections, experiences, and meals, fostering communal bonds and deepening your shared spiritual journey.

The traditional pilgrimage season spans from late April to the second Sunday of October, but Knock's allure is timeless. Pilgrims now flock to the International Eucharistic and Marian Shrine year-round, with a comprehensive winter program adding to its appeal. Groups often cherish the opportunity to hold a private Mass in the Apparition Chapel. If accompanied by a priest, consider this intimate experience. However, it's essential to pre-book this service by reaching out to Knock Shrine directly. Priests wishing to concelebrate Mass should liaise with the sacristy beforehand.

For international pilgrim groups or those seeking organized tours, we're at your service. Our dedicated team is equipped to assist both groups and individual pilgrims with their requirements. From accommodations to spiritual activities, we ensure your group's experience at Knock House Hotel is both memorable and fulfilling. Reach out to us today to secure your spiritual retreat.