MacHale Park, Castlebar

MacHale Park: The Heart of Gaelic Sports in County Mayo

Set in the vibrant town of Castlebar in County Mayo, MacHale Park stands as a beacon for Gaelic sports enthusiasts. Home to both Castlebar Mitchels GAA and the Mayo GAA Gaelic football teams, this stadium reverberates with the passion and spirit of its teams and loyal fans.

Historic Foundations:
Dating back to its inception in 1931, MacHale Park carries a legacy of sporting excellence. The stadium, with a seating capacity of around 28,000 as of 2022, pays homage to John MacHale, the esteemed Catholic Archbishop of Tuam who served from 1831 to 1881.

Close Proximity to Comfort:
For those traveling to MacHale Park, convenience is just around the corner. Located a brief drive away is the Knock House Hotel, a renowned establishment with a history of hosting numerous club and inter-county teams that have graced the MacHale Park grounds. Whether it's for relaxation post-match or gearing up for game day, Knock House Hotel offers tailored menus to suit specific dietary requirements, ensuring athletes and supporters alike are well catered to.

In the heart of County Mayo, MacHale Park stands not just as a stadium but as a testament to the enduring spirit and love for Gaelic sports in the region. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or a visitor keen on soaking in local sports culture, a visit to this iconic stadium is sure to leave you inspired.