Arigna Mines

Looking for a day of exploration and learning while staying at our hotel? Set out for an enlightening adventure at the Arigna Mining Experience, located just a short drive away!

Unveiling Ireland’s Mining Past

The Arigna Mining Experience offers an unparalleled insight into Ireland’s rich mining history, specifically the captivating tale of the Arigna Mines. As the cornerstone of Ireland's industrial heritage, these mines have been brilliantly preserved to offer guests an authentic glimpse into the life and legacy of Ireland’s mining community.

Learning Adventure for All

This incredible experience is not just a mining museum in Ireland, but a destination offering an educational mining adventure for visitors of all ages. Here, both kids and adults can immerse themselves in a hands-on learning experience, diving deep into the world of coal mining while engaging with interactive exhibitions and tours led by experienced guides, many of whom have firsthand experience as miners.

A Quick and Educational Escape

Our hotel’s proximity to this remarkable attraction offers a convenient escape for families, history enthusiasts, and students alike. Whether you’re planning a family day out in Ireland or seeking an educational tour, the Arigna Mining Experience provides a diverse array of engaging and informative activities that promise a memorable day for everyone.

A Day Well Spent

A visit to the Arigna Mining Experience is more than just a day trip—it’s a journey back in time where history unfolds, and stories of resilience and community spirit come to life. After a day of exploration, retreat back to the comfort of our hotel, reflecting on the inspiring tales and valuable lessons unearthed from Ireland’s mining past.