Erris Head Loop Walk

Nestled along the North Mayo coast, the Erris Head Loop Walk is a delightful experience waiting for every nature lover. In just under two hours, you can traverse the scenic headland of Erris Head, soaking in unparalleled views and the untouched beauty of the region.

This journey promises not just stunning views but also a taste of the wild, pristine landscapes unique to North Mayo. Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your walk:

Embark on your journey from Belmullet, taking the R313 for about 4km. Look out for the sign to Ceann Iorrais. The trail begins at a car park that offers a sneak peek of the breathtaking views ahead, especially the intriguingly named Danish Cellar harbour.

Recognized as a Special Area of Conservation, Erris Head teems with diverse flora and fauna. From Irish crows (choughs) and fulmars nesting on the mountains to gannets and guillemots fishing in the waters, nature is at its best here. If you're lucky, you might spot hares in the grassland or even catch a glimpse of Bottlenose dolphins, porpoises, and seals in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Trail Experience:

Spanning approximately 5km, the walk isn't strenuous. However, the weather can be a game-changer, so sturdy hiking boots are a must, especially for the boggy patches. Fancy a picnic? There's a spot halfway where you can relax and admire the Eagle Island and its lighthouse. While parts of the walk are uphill, the ascent is gentle, and the reward? Unbeatable panoramic views.

A convenient car park awaits at the trail's start. Simply input 'Erris Head Loop Walk' into Google Maps, and it'll guide you right to the beginning of your adventure.

The Erris Head Loop Walk primarily follows an old earth bank, with a few stiles and a footbridge to navigate. As you reach the pinnacle of the loop, the tip of Erris Head, pause and let the dramatic views of the North Atlantic, its rugged islands, and impressive sea arches captivate you.