Ballinrobe Golf Club

Ballinrobe Golf Club: A Confluence of History, Nature, and Championship Standards

A Triumvirate of Honours:
Repeatedly recognised as the Best Parkland Course in Connacht in 2013, 2015, and 2020, Ballinrobe Golf Club effortlessly melds traditional elegance with modern course design. Its accolades echo the dedication to golfing excellence that the club embodies.

Celebrated Endorsement:
When a golfing maestro like Padraig Harrington proclaims Ballinrobe to be the pinnacle of championship courses in the West of Ireland, it stands as a testament to its unparalleled allure. Harrington’s admiration for the intricately designed par threes, as well as his penchant for the fifth and tenth holes, underlines the course's unique challenges and aesthetic appeal.

A Historical Tapestry:
Nestled within the historical Cloonacastle Estate, with roots dating back to 1238, Ballinrobe Golf Club found its esteemed residence in 1995. The 300-acre estate has since witnessed the evolution of a course that intertwines with the land, maturing gracefully with every passing season.

Heritage Meets Modernity:
At Ballinrobe, the past resonates with every step. The 250-year-old Estate House, alongside its original farm edifices, stands as a beacon of history. Yet, with careful restoration, it now serves as a contemporary clubhouse, offering modern amenities while retaining its age-old charisma.

Echoes from a Golfing Legend:
Harrington’s accolades go beyond mere words. His description paints a vivid picture, from the delightful par threes to the strategic fifth hole with its green gracing the River Robe. And the tenth? An island green that beckons precision, a challenge that professional golfers would relish.

An Experience Awaits:
More than just a course, Ballinrobe Golf Club is an odyssey. It invites you to immerse in its historical allure, challenge yourself on its championship greens, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to Ballinrobe, where every hole tells a story.