Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence

The Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence in Bekan, County Mayo, has been buzzing with excitement since the unveiling of its full-pitch air dome last year. This remarkable addition has certainly elevated its profile!

But there's more to this Centre than meets the eye. Beyond the magnificent dome, the team at Connacht GAA has poured heart and soul into ensuring the Centre truly embodies its name, especially in terms of sustainability and caring for the local environment.

Did you know? They're proudly partnering with O’Moore Park in Laois in the GAA’s new Green Club Project's Phase 1. This initiative champions green and sustainable practices for clubs and grounds. Their dedication to a greener future was evident even before its official opening in 2012. A testament to this is the four acres of ash trees planted way back in 2008. Plus, the Centre's design thoughtfully includes a system to collect rainwater, storing it in a massive 72,000-litre underground tank.

If you're planning a visit, consider staying at the Knock House Hotel. It's just a short 4-minute drive from the Centre of Excellence. Over the years, they've warmly welcomed numerous teams from near and far, ensuring a comfortable stay and catering to all dietary needs. It's the perfect base for those visiting the Centre!