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History of Knock House Hotel

Discover the Legacy of Knock House Hotel

In the heart of Knock, on May 17th, 1999, Knock House Hotel unveiled its grandeur. Established with the noble intent of hosting pilgrims and travellers eager to experience the sanctity of Knock Shrine, this establishment added a modern touch to the village's longstanding tradition of hospitality.

The inception of Knock House Hotel was a collaborative vision of local visionaries, including the esteemed St. Jarlath’s Trust. Monsignor Dominic Greally, the then-respected parish priest of Knock, played a pivotal role in its realization. The architectural brilliance of the hotel, crafted by the renowned Wejchert Architects from Dublin, stands as a testament to innovation and tradition. The extensive use of locally sourced cut stone, both inside and out, accentuates its charm.

Constructed by the reputed J.J. Rhattigan and company from the west of Ireland, the hotel's development was a significant employment booster for the region. One of its standout architectural features is its unique curvature, designed to symbolically embrace the Knock Shrine. This embracing design is best appreciated from the hotel's corridors or its rear lower section. Moreover, its welcoming facade, with the ground floor subtly concealed, ensures visitors feel a sense of serenity and warmth upon arrival.

With 68 plush rooms, Knock House Hotel can comfortably accommodate over 150 guests. It's not just a haven for rest; the hotel boasts state-of-the-art conference facilities, a gourmet restaurant, meeting rooms, and a cozy bar. This establishment has significantly contributed to the economic growth of Knock and its surrounding regions, offering employment opportunities and bolstering local businesses.

While Knock House Hotel operates autonomously from the Shrine under its entity, Knock House Hotel Ltd., its commitment remains unwavering. The hotel continues to extend its warm welcome to both pilgrims and tourists visiting the revered Knock International Eucharistic Shrine, always striving to cater to their evolving needs.