School of Falconry in Ballina & Cong

Experience Falconry at Mount Falcon Estate, Ballina, Co. Mayo

Step into the enchanting world of Falconry, a tradition that spans over 4,000 years, celebrating the art of hunting with majestic birds of prey. At Mount Falcon Estate in Ballina, Co. Mayo, our dedicated Falconers await to introduce you to our diverse collection of birds. Embark on a Hawk Walk, where you'll uncover the mysteries of their hunting techniques and their vital role in nature.

This journey into ancient husbandry culminates with a stroll through the serene woodlands of the estate, located in the heart of Ballina, Co. Mayo. Here, witness the grandeur of a Harris hawk in its natural habitat. Beyond our Hawk Walks, we also host displays for larger events, be it corporate gatherings, weddings, or family celebrations. For the avid hunters, we present a one-of-a-kind full-day experience, encompassing birds of prey, hunting dogs, and the expertise of our Falconers. Dive deeper into the profiles of each bird of prey that calls Mount Falcon Estate home.
Ireland's School of Falconry, Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo

Established in 1999, Ireland's School of Falconry, nestled within the grounds of Ashford Castle, stands as the country's oldest Falconry School. Here, we offer an exclusive one-hour Private Hawk Walk, where you'll have the chance to soar with our splendid Harris hawks across the breathtaking landscape of Ashford Castle. Within moments of your arrival, a hawk will perch on your glove, marking the beginning of your thrilling adventure.

As you navigate the gardens and woodlands of Ashford Castle, the experience is nothing short of immersive and interactive. The sight of your hawk gracefully descending from a tree to your gloved hand is a memory that will stay with you forever. This connection with nature is truly unparalleled. Our Falconry School boasts the world's most extensive and varied collection of Harris hawks. As you engage in your private Hawk Walk, our Falconers will share insights about the hawk's remarkable vision, agility, and unique characteristics. At Ashford Castle, every hawk is treasured. We train them with utmost care, ensuring they fly freely every day. They aren't just birds; they're family, and we are committed to them for life.