Galway Racecourse

Situated just 6 km northeast of Galway city, nestled in the townland of Ballybrit, the Galway Racecourse, commonly known as Ballybrit Race Track, stands as a beacon of horse racing excellence in County Galway, Ireland. Located near Castlegar and just north of the N6 Bóthar na dTreabh, this racecourse is a testament to Ireland's rich racing heritage.

Stands: The racecourse boasts two prominent stands - the Main Stand and the Millennium Stand.

Track: Ballybrit is a right-handed course spanning approximately one mile and three furlongs. It features a steep decline leading to the last two fences, followed by a sharp incline up to the finish line.

Galway Races Festival: Every August, the racecourse comes alive with the 7-day Galway Races Festival, culminating in the August Bank holiday weekend. This festival draws the largest crowds, eagerly anticipating the historic Galway Plate and the Galway Hurdle, the week's most prestigious races.

Additional Meetings: Apart from the August festival, Ballybrit also hosts other meetings in September (2 days), early October (1 day), and a three-day event during the last weekend of October.

History of the races

The Galway Summer Festival stands as the pinnacle of the summer racing calendar. With its origins tracing back to 1869, the Galway Plate remains one of the most sought-after races. The Galway Hurdle further adds to the allure of the week. The unique blend of National Hunt (jump) racing and Flat racing makes Ballybrit a favorite among racing enthusiasts.

Ideal location

Its proximity to Galway city center and the M4 motorway makes it easily accessible, ensuring racegoers can effortlessly immerse themselves in the racing action.

For those passionate about horse racing or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, the Galway Racecourse at Ballybrit promises exhilarating races, a vibrant atmosphere, and memories to cherish.