Letterkeen Loops

In the heart of Mayo lies a gem for nature lovers: the Letterkeen Loop Walk. This trail, with its diverse terrains and captivating views, offers an unparalleled hiking experience. Whether you're seeking tranquility or a thrilling challenge, Letterkeen is the place to be.

Every adventure has a starting point, and for Letterkeen, it's the Brogan Carroll bothy. This charming stone hut at the woodland's entrance sets the stage for the journey ahead. As you prepare, the bothy's ambiance whispers tales of nature's wonders.

The Letterkeen Loop Walk comprises three trails, each marked by color-coded signposts: red, blue, and purple. Catering to various fitness levels, these trails ensure every hiker finds their perfect match.

The Red Trail: A moderate hike, great for families or those looking for a relaxed day amidst nature.

The Blue Trail: For those seeking a bit more challenge, this trail offers captivating views as a reward for the added effort.

The Purple Trail: The most demanding, this trail promises panoramic vistas after a rigorous climb and challenging terrains.

Guided by the arrows, especially at the trail's start and end, you can focus on enjoying the journey, knowing you're on the right path.

Situated near Newport, the Letterkeen Loop Walk is more than a hike; it's an exploration of diverse landscapes. From dense woodlands to open fields and challenging ascents, every step is an embrace of nature's beauty. While there are many trails globally, Letterkeen stands out. It might be the sun's golden rays filtering through the trees or the symphony of nature that surrounds you. Letterkeen's magic is palpable, offering a unique connection with the natural world.