Castlebar Golf Club

Castlebar Golf Club: A Century of Heritage and Excellence

Nestled amidst Ireland's enchanting landscapes, Castlebar Golf Club stands as a beacon of golfing tradition and excellence. With a history that reaches back over a century, this club has seen its fair share of evolutions, championships, and memorable moments.

A Course Evolved:
From its establishment in 1910, Castlebar Golf Club has always been about embracing change without forgetting its roots. The visionary redesign by Peter McEvoy in 2004, followed by Jeff Howes' impeccable touch in 2020, has transformed this golf course into a modern marvel while retaining its classic charm.

A Stage for Legends:
Castlebar's greens have seen more than just golf balls. The course has been graced by legends, both from the world of golf and beyond. Hosting the 2004 Irish Boys Amateur Close Championship and the 2010 All Ireland Club and Shields Finals showcased its competitive caliber. But perhaps the most memorable was the 2016 round, where the fairways echoed with the laughter and camaraderie of US President Joe Biden, his brother Jim, and the Irish Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny.

Recognition and Prestige:
The Course's entry into the esteemed Golf Digest Top 100 Courses in Ireland in 2007 is a testament to its exceptional quality and the unwavering commitment of its caretakers.

More Than Just Golf:
At Castlebar, the experience extends beyond the 18th hole. The clubhouse, with its warm ambiance, beckons visitors, offering a haven of relaxation. Here, you can unwind with a refreshing drink, savor a gourmet meal crafted by our award-winning chef, and bask in the genuine Irish hospitality that Castlebar is renowned for.

The Perfect Getaway:
Its prime location, a stone's throw away from both Castlebar and Westport, makes Castlebar Golf Club a favorite among golfing enthusiasts and weekend travelers alike. Whether you're planning a competitive Golf Society event or a leisurely weekend round, Castlebar promises an unforgettable experience.

In the words of many who have walked its fairways, Castlebar Golf Club isn't just a course; it's a cherished tradition.