Sheskin Forest Trail

Nestled in the heart of the west of Ireland, the Sheskin Forest Trail beckons adventurers and nature lovers alike. This trail, forming an integral part of the Western Way from Co. Galway, is a testament to Ireland's untouched beauty and rich history. If you've ever dreamt of wandering through remote forests, feeling the embrace of wilderness, and experiencing real solitude, Sheskin is the place to be.

Starting from the picturesque town of Ballycastle and stretching south to Bellacorick, the Sheskin Forest Trail is more than just a walk in the woods. It's a journey through a large area of conifer, established on the unique boglands of north Mayo. Every step you take is a step back in time, a step closer to nature, and a step into a world of wonder.

One of the most enchanting features of this trail is the monkey puzzle at Sheskin Lodge, a relic from its days as a former hunting lodge. This peculiar tree stands as a sentinel, guarding the memories of the lodge and the tales of those who once called it home. As you wander further, you'll come across old walls of former homesteads, silent witnesses to the level of habitation in north Mayo in bygone days. These walls tell stories of families, dreams, and a life lived in harmony with nature.

But, as with all adventures, the Sheskin Forest Trail is not without its challenges. This trek, set in a remote area, is not for the faint-hearted. It demands respect and preparation. Walkers and hikers are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear, apt for the occasionally difficult terrain. The path might be rugged at times, but the views, the serenity, and the sheer beauty of the surroundings make every effort worthwhile.

For those who like to be prepared, carrying a map and compass is a must. Not only do they guide you through the trail, but they also add to the adventure, making you feel like an explorer charting unknown territories. And while the trail offers a plethora of natural beauty, it's always a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks. After all, there's nothing like enjoying a little picnic amidst the beauty of the Sheskin Forest.

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