Brabazon Woods

The East Mayo countryside is blotted with dreamy forest walks and whether you’re staying in the Swinford area — or simply passing through — the beautiful Brabazon Woods nestled within the town make for a delightful short stroll. The forest’s main 1km loop takes just 20mins to complete making it a perfect option for families, dog walkers or anyone seeking a leisurely stroll. Also, and quite uniquely for woodland trails, the woods feature a shorter tarred route which is wheelchair and buggy friendly.

The main walk itself winds through gorgeous beech woodland, towering Scots pines and other native Irish tree varieties from rowans to a new Irish oak planation. Given the trail of secret doors along the route, expect a few fairies to be hiding here too.

Brabazon Woods also feature a lovely butterfly memorial garden while the village playground sits conveniently alongside the car park.

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