Parish Church and Basilica

Knock Parish Church

Welcome to the Heart of Knock Village: Knock Parish Church!

Since 1828, the charming Knock Parish Church has warmly embraced the community, standing as a beacon of spirituality and faith. Lovingly dedicated to St. John the Baptist, a heartfelt plaque on its West side beautifully reads, ‘My House shall be called the house of Prayer to all Nations’ (Matt 11). 

Over the years, this cherished landmark has been tenderly restored, ensuring its legacy continues for the many generations of parishioners and pilgrims to come. It's a living testament to nearly two centuries of unwavering devotion by those who've found solace and connection here. 

And, let's not forget the stunning high altar! Crafted in the renowned studio of Mr. P. J Scannell from Cork, this masterpiece was graciously gifted during a memorable pilgrimage in 1880. Come, be a part of our rich history and feel the warmth of our welcoming embrace."