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Experience the Serenity of Knock Shrine with Knock House Hotel.
Stepping into the village of Knock, you're embraced by an aura of tranquility. At the heart of this serene ambiance is the renowned Knock Shrine. For the holistic experience, immerse yourself in the village's peaceful surroundings and fully explore the spiritual offerings of the Shrine.

Knock has been a beacon for spiritual seekers since 1880. As the first pilgrimage graced its grounds, the legacy began. Today, pilgrims from every corner of the globe come seeking solace and inspiration. If you're a Parish Pilgrimage Organiser, join the long line of those who've chosen this sacred space for reflection and renewal.

Situated amidst 100 acres of scenic landscapes, the Knock House Hotel stands as an emblem of comfort and hospitality in Knock, Co Mayo. A mere 5-minute stroll from the Knock Shrine & Basilica, our 3-star establishment ensures guests relish both convenience and luxury.

Ready to embark on a spiritual journey or simply yearn for a peaceful retreat? Reach out to the Knock House Hotel team at
(094) 93 88088. Whether it's an extended stay, a day-rate for group lunch, or organizing a Parish Pilgrimage, let us make your experience memorable.

  • Four Seasons Restaurant: Open since August 2nd, 2021, and serving delectable lunches from 12.30 pm to 4 pm. Evening reservations elevate the dining experience.
  • Accessible Rooms: With 6 specially designed wheelchair-friendly rooms, we're proud of our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring all our guests feel at home.
  • Festive Offerings: Considering a Christmas getaway? Our festive packages promise to make the season merry and bright.
  • Sacred Architecture of Knock Shrine: Within the Shrine's perimeters lie five architectural marvels. Each church, from the historic Parish Church of 1828 to the grandeur of the Basilica, whispers tales of history, art, and devotion.