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Anniversary Celebrations

Every Day Deserves Exceptional Dining at the Four Seasons Restaurant.
Why wait for a special date on the calendar? Every moment becomes memorable when you're seated at the Four Seasons Restaurant. From our attentive service to our curated menus that cater to diverse palates, we're dedicated to transforming each meal into an event. And for those occasions that demand an extra touch of elegance, our 'Private Room' is ready to elevate your celebration.

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a heartfelt anniversary, or bidding adieu to a dear colleague, Knock House Hotel is your go-to venue for every occasion:

  • Special Celebrations: Be it Retirements, Birthdays, or Going-Away parties, we craft memories.
  • Seasonal Lunches: Make family gatherings extra special with our curated menus on Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, and Father’s Day.
  • Sacred Milestones: From First Communions and Confirmations to the joyous Christening lunches, we're here to mark every cherished step of life's journey.

No celebration is complete without a toast! Whether you're a guest staying with us or dropping by for a meal, our comprehensive bar facilities ensure every cheer is paired with the perfect drink.

Experience dining like never before. Because at Knock House Hotel, every meal is a special occasion in its own right.