North Mayo Heritage Centre, Crossmolina

North Mayo Heritage Centre: A Celebration of Regional Legacy

Located on the historic grounds of Enniscoe House, the North Mayo Heritage Centre is a testament to the rich history and traditions of the region. Proudly awarded the An Taisce Green Flag since 2019 and recognized as an Historical site in 2021, the Centre has become a symbol of conservation and cultural importance in the area.

The Centre offers a vast genealogical resource for those looking to trace their North Mayo roots. With the dedicated Family History Unit, it provides extensive research for parishes in the northern region of Co. Mayo. With access to over 1.2 million records, individuals from around the world can reconnect with their ancestral lineage right here.

For those keen on sustainable practices, the Centre's certified Organic garden, one of the oldest in Ireland, is a treat. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase fresh produce directly from the garden, a testament to the Centre's commitment to sustainability and health.

Beyond its historical and agricultural offerings, the Centre is a hub of vibrant cultural activities. Throughout the year, a diverse Cultural Programme is rolled out, offering a range of events, workshops, and exhibitions for visitors of all ages. Additionally, the Centre's looped walks, open year-round, allow visitors to immerse themselves in nature's beauty.

A unique feature of the Centre is its self-contained conference/event facility, available for various gatherings, meetings, and events, making it a versatile venue for both leisure and business activities.

Operating as a not-for-profit organization, the North Mayo Heritage Centre is integral to its community, providing local employment and boosting the regional economy. Every visitor, every service availed, and every product purchased directly contributes to the local community, reinforcing the Centre's commitment to its roots.

Join us at the North Mayo Heritage Centre, where history, nature, and culture intertwine, offering a unique experience for every visitor.

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